The Buzzaldrins - Demo

Matt Churchill 14/08/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

A quintet with Xfm airplay on their CV, The Buzzaldrins hail from Manchester but make music from the coolest parts of outer space.

'Real Thing' is a summery indie-pop song with a gentle sprinkling of echoed keyboards, lightly plucked acoustic guitars and soft harmonic countermelodies that float behind the main bulk of the music. 'Tycoon' is a lively nugget of powerpop, Christian James' vocals sounding sonically like Tim Burgess as he croons 'Tycooooon' in the song's chorus.

Track 3, an instrumental piece called 'Reprise' sounds Air-like, relying on a dreamy keyboard sound that the song meanders along on. 'Think I'm Lazy' is a return to the 'Real Thing' indie-pop sound and is three minutes of easy to listen to melodies.

The Buzzaldrins have demonstrated with this CD that they have potential to develop their sound and carve out a niche in the genre which has so far gone untapped. It will be interesting to hear how they grow in the next 12 months as they further craft their ambitions and ideas.