Meet.John.Doe - Meet.John.Doe

Russ Essom 13/03/2006

Rating: 3/5

Meet.John.Doe combine alternative, experimental sounds with the powerful steadfast sounds of rock and metal which, combined with their heartfelt lyrics create a hard, powerful atmosphere.

Their 3 - track E.P features some truly gorgeous sounds, 'Signals' being the opening track. The seemingly quiet, calm introduction and opening verse give no hint of the oncoming thumping, shouting and fast strumming that will make most people fall in love with the song and, probably, the band. The song is tuneful but raucous, hard-hitting and graphic, and maintains high-quality combinations of all sorts of sounds, the combination of main and backing vocals being particularly striking.

The next track, “Increasing the Sattelites” has very much the same effect as the former - it takes over you. From the outset, we are waiting for hard riffs and loud vocals, and when they come after the brief instrumental intro, it is a splendid feeling. This particular song is more punk/emo in it's distraction compared with the other material I've heard, and it's very, very good, proving John Doe's flair with any rock-based genre and hence, ability to weave sounds to fit exactly with the mood and ideas of the songs.

“The Grip” closes the E.P with fantastic finesse, it is a mix of heavy and soft, of shouts and singing, of good and better. To be honest it's hard to explain, this tune is almost a work of art, rather than a piece of music.
I'll leave it to you to do the rest, go out and see them, buy the discs, but for God's sake, don't miss out.