Twin Atlantic - Lightspeed

Chris Tapley 08/03/2010

Rating: 0.5/5

Living as I do in Scotland most of my gig going experiences tend to take place there, generally in the fair city of Glasgow. This being the case I have quite accidentally stumbled across Twin Atlantic performances on several occasions over the last few years, and have then listened to a few bits and pieces of their recorded output more through curiosity rather than impulse. Despite this exposure to them I'm still not really any closer to having an opinion on them, such is the mediocrity of their craft.

There is just nothing worthy of any dissection here, it's neither good enough to attract admiration or pathetic enough to pour genuine spite on. The only potential positive would be to congratulate them on managing to build any kind of fanbase, to have actually somehow convince people this is worth listening to. In fact the shameful audience baiting tone of their overtly radio friendly rock is summed up perfectly by the fact that they're signed to Red Bull Records. This track is so devoid of any genuine emotion that the overblown pomposity of it's production is even more perplexing. Almost as much as the horrible vocals, a vacuous over accentuated Scottish accent which seems so forced that it loses any of the earnest cadence that makes the intonations of Simon Neil or James Graham (both of bands whose style is half heartedly aped/thieved here) so affecting.

This isn't even to mention the wholly derivative instrumentation, pathetic lyrical content or complete lack of character exhibited throughout. Utterly bland. Not even worth listening to satisfy any morbid curiosity you may now hold.