Silvertop - Office Girlfriend

Holly Barnes 05/01/2007

Rating: 3/5

Office Girlfriend is brought to us by a band that hails (mostly) from Leeds, but is currently based in London , having been plugging away for several years. Listening to the single, it's clear this band have been playing together for quite a while- they are tight, taut and with just enough control. To start with, the vocals are not unlike The Infadels, but on the second track, Fallin', they sound rather more sinister- with the writhing melodies of Skunk Anansie. But, on Office Girlfriend they are buried into the mix a bit, so you strain a little to hear properly, while a section of the song (“we should go out soon”) is a little weaker than the rest. There's no doubt, though, that these guys know their craft- the guitars are confident, with just the right amount of buzz to them.

Silvertop play the kind of songs that can find themselves transferring over the course of a few months, from languishing in the latter part of an album, unknown and unheard, to pretty major success on FM radio. Final track Half Life is no filler either, and over the course of three songs you identify Silvertop as a solid band with clear musical direction. Office Girlfriend is the catchier of the trio here and the combination of this and the mysterious air to the other two tracks endears me to the band; they show some variety. And with the songs clocking in somewhere between two and a half minutes, and four, they don't outstay their welcome.