Indigo Skins - EP

Emily Tartanella 00/00/0000

Rating: 3/5

“There's nothing worse than some divvy from Stanwix singing with a dodgy American accent as if he's from California…We'd prefer to sing about a night out on Botchergate than try and put the world to rights with some clever turn of phrase.” -Indigo Skins

Seemingly one cannot escape the influence of Arctic Monkeys. Whereas a few years back it was hip to sound like the Strokes, now everyone wants to tell tales of heartache in British discos and bemoan defiant beatings at the hands of chavs. Yet for a band that seems defiantly proud of its British heritage, Indigo Skins sound oddly American.

Their debut EP has a metallic rock shine, and a purposefully polished sound. “Too Far” sounds like a car careening out of control, with disturbing hints of hair metal. The stomping “Never Be” features a Julian Casablancas vocal and a heavy rhythm section, while “In the Rain” is mournfully forgettable. “Lilly” could be Pinkerton-era Weezer, and is most likely the best song on this EP. Frankly, Indigo Skins seem to be suffering from an identity crisis. Their music veers from American hard rock to British indie, never settling comfortably on its own. After given some time to grow, Indigo Skins could indeed be the next big thing.