Mogwai - Friend Of The Night

Mike Mantin 06/02/2006

Rating: 4/5

Mogwai's new album 'Mr Beast' apparently cranks up the volume to levels previously heard on 'Young Team'. If that's the case, first single 'Mr Beast' probably fits in between the noisy tracks, as it's a gentle song that wouldn't sound out of place on their chilled-out last LP, 2003's 'Happy Songs For Happy People'. Powered by a simple piano riff before Stuart Braithwaite's roaring guitar kicks in, it's got the typical ethereal glow we've come to expect from recent Mogwai, who valiantly keep on doing their post-rock thing as trends come and go. As a stand-alone single, this is lovely. Heard amongst louder numbers on the new album, it'll be beastly.