Biffy Clyro - Saturday Superhouse

Charlie Southwell 04/03/2007

Rating: 3/5

In terms of Biffy Clyro's exceptional history, new single 'Saturday Superhouse' is a more commercial direction for the band and is being released a long way in front of album Puzzles (due 25th May 2007). This year having already sold out their Kerrang! tour, and now supporting Bloc Party on their European jaunt, they can only be set for bigger things. I suspect festivals will have these guys high up their bills this summer.

It's a more radio friendly blend of their previous material which was always interesting and ambitious. Three piece Biffy Clyro seem to have turned around from their prog fuelled sessions for a slightly more radio friendly bash at the world. A riff trip around the minds of Biffy will never be as simple as a mainstream pop song. A steel strong chorus and super powerful vocals combined with calm melodic moments, complete this single as a class song.

There are hints at the old “Glitter and Trauma” craziness but 'Saturday Superhouse' never unleashes it. This is the make or break moment for the band. If they hit huge success with this they could see themselves propelled from the cult underground band that we know and love them as, to a radio playable household name, bringing back great music back to our radios. We can only hope that this inspires a new musical generation to dig into their back catalogue too.

Released: 05/03/07