Warning Heat Ray - Spit It Out

Ollie Cornish 08/09/2008

Rating: 4/5

Warning! Heat Ray!'s new single Spit it Out is a haunting reminder of a past most would rather was forgotten about. The minimal synth patterns and delicate vocals juxtaposed with the ignorant and backward mentality of the recordings makes for a very uneasy yet essential listen. It's one of the most powerful politically aware compositions you will ever hear.

It's amazing, then, that second song Life Less Ordinary takes a completely different direction. An acoustic treat that, after the intensity and severity of Spit it Out, comes as much needed relief. It's an easy-going track that wont stay with you in the same way as Spit it Out but is enjoyable nonetheless.

Warning! Heat Ray! are a band of many shades; they are capable of both the deep and meaningful and the light and airy. Spit It Out is a heartfelt message of the perils of ignorance and immigration, and how we must acknowledge our past before we can hope to move on to a brighter future.