Melee - Built to Last

Alisha Ahmed 02/09/2008

Rating: 1.5/5

For God's Sake! Even if you had to write a cheesy "I will love you forever" song, you could at least try to create something a sound that showed remotely like you'd actually made an effort?

See, the bad thing about Built To Last by Melee is that if you are just a little bit older than 16 you've already listened to these kind of words on the radio or read them in a booklet so many times they couldn't sound emptier or more clich├ęd.

Fine, New Kids on the Block and Take That built a whole career some 15 years ago on just as cheesy lyrics, so I'm not saying Melee won't necessarily get anywhere or that there aren't still teenagers out there in need of something exactly the kind of slushy pop music they are making.

It just takes more than a pretty pattern repeating itself to build the foundations of "classic pop". If the style was corny first time around, the fact that Melee decided to dignify it by walking that path again doesn't necessarily elevate its status to classic. It might just simply be corny.