Frank Turner - Poetry Of The Deed

Craig Broad 18/09/2009

Rating: 3/5

Watching Frank Turner grow as a musician has been endearing to say the least. From the now defunct but hugely popular in certain circles post hardcore band Million Dead, Turner found popularity in barking out cryptic messages about politics and punk ethics. It was quite a surprise for most to see Turner return to the stage shortly after Million Dead's demise, armed only with an acoustic guitar and tongue in cheek stories of growing old.

If you heard his, what I can only call a stunning, debut album 'Sleep Is For The Week' and its follow up 'Love Ire & Song' then you will already know what Frank Turner is about and you will already love 'Poetry Of The Deed'. As always, what is so great about Turners output is that he is so emotionally open and honest about growing old and generally make a mess of life that it is easy to feel that Frank has been writing these songs about your life all along.

Songs like 'Faithful Son' showcase Turner's softer side, offering frailties vocally in the disappointment a parent can feel towards their children when they don't fufill their potential, backed by a wonderfully beautiful piano melody and violin sound. This is a highlight of the album and a side that Turner should show off more often than his tongue in cheek side.

'Try This At Home', is a different side to Frank Turner. A side that he has shown in an acoustic folk way before but never in a band setting, wearing his punk rock influences on his sleeve and romping it out like the best of them. This is a side that for me at least, doesn't work well on this album. It's always nice to see some growth with an artist but Turner's strength for me has always come with involving the listener, just an acoustic guitar and his truthful stories not bashing it out with fast melody-less drumming.

'Poetry Of The Deed' is much like 'Love Ire & Song' in that it is slowly pulling away from the folk tinted offering of 'Sleep Is For The Week' and settling within a poppier mainstream sound. Unlike 'Love Ire & Song' though, 'Poetry Of The Deed' comes across in a more upbeat manner with punkier offerings and even though the ideas don't always sit well with this listener it is an improvement on the not-as-good 'Love Ire & Song' and you can see this album attracting more fans and Turner touring the UK ten times over in support of this record.