All Forgotten - Transitions

Craig Broad 19/12/2009

Rating: 3/5

Emotional rock bands are ten a penny nowadays, especially on the slowly dying Myspace where for every ten bands you find, one will be an emo band. You can tell this normally due to cleverly designed pages full of advertising banners and portraits of the members, each adorning their own version of a side sweep, normally enhanced by some facial piercing. To add to this, every one of these bands usually has over ten thousand friends but yet, you've never heard of said band and you normally know why once you start that music player, it's because they are completely rubbish and listenable.

All Forgotten definitely fall into the emo trap with ep "Transitions" (I wonder if it is meant to come across as an ironic EP name) but that doesn't mean that I am prepared to right them off at a whim. Having toured with heavyweights You Me At Six and We Are The Ocean, you get a sense that All Forgotten have at least picked up the ability of how to pen a song even if their sound isn't something I appreciate. Vocally they are fairly strong, not relying on a whiney vocalist like most with Jonathon Thornes soulful voice sounding more towards Exit Ten than Senses Fail and fitting nicely with cutting and emotional screams. Guitar, bass and drum wise, there isn't especially anything new here. The guitar sound is that tried and tested standard emo guitar sound and it wouldn't surprise me if they all use ESP's. Like all emo and screamo bands these days, the bass is fairly inaudible and the drumming is all drum rolls and double bass but that isn't to say that they musicians in question aren't talented because it is obvious they are and it shows in how tight the songs on "Transitions" are.

It actually feels wrong to rate All Forgotten's EP because it simply isn't my style of music and hasn't been since I was eighteen but my gut instincts tell me that if I still liked that style of music, these would be a band I would follow. So if you are fans of bands like We Are The Ocean and maybe even the old Fightstar material, then I don't think you can go wrong in supporting a young and promising band like All Forgotten.

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