Muse - Uprising

Daniel Smith 11/08/2009

Rating: 2/5

Muse surprised fans and detractors alike with dance rock anthem, Supermassive Black Hole back in 2006. Uprising, first single from upcoming album, The Resistance, is another (albeit this time synth based) alternative club anthem eager to rub shoulders with Franz Ferdinand, The Killers and the like, that unfortunately for purists, deviates still further from the early to mid career art-rock angst that birthed Muse's huge worldwide fan base.

You can see what band are attempting here; something along the lines of a more challenging, powers-that-be-baiting take on Sam Sparro's 'Black and Gold' was clearly the intention, and I'll certainly agree that on paper at least, getting people dancing to protest songs as opposed to Casacada or some equally benign rubbish does sound like a very good idea. It's just a pity that when compared to the exquisite drama of Butterflies & Hurricanes or the grudge indebted fuzz of Plug In Baby, Uprising seems decidedly hollow and lyrically weak.

It's going to be fun shouting “they will not destroy us!” in unison with 12,000+ other fans during the band's UK arena tour in November, but aside from this I'd honestly feel more inclined to sing and dance to anything from Origin of Symmetry.

End of discussion, really.

Uprising will be available for digital download from most distributers on 4th August

The Resistance is set for release on CD/digital download on 14th September