The Blueskies - Souvenir

Richard Wink 25/05/0010

Rating: 1/5

Brighton's The Blueskies mini album is appropriately titled. For those who've visited Brighton, or any other sea side resorts up and down the UK (as a Norfolk man I must recommend Sheringham, Wells and Holkham,) you usually find yourself looking in tacky gift shops for a memento to mark the occasion of your visit. Do you go for a stick of rock, a magnet shaped like a crab or a bawdy postcard? Often such souvenirs (like this mini album) are pieces of worthless tat.

Synth backed pop without any quirks. There is no charm evident on any of these six songs; they just float by in a harmless mellow way. The worry is that the band plays like they are going through the motions in a “we want to be musicians, and reap the benefits, but we don't fancy going into all that innovation and creativity stuff.”

'Matthew' is positively pedestrian, even the song's chorus can't be arsed to get out of bed, it's blighted by blippy synths, tinny percussion and bored vocals. 'Hen nights and the homeless' continues the wretchedness, the songs opening reminds me of that new Boyzone song which Ronan Keating is currently heavily promoting in order to distance himself from the ire of his wife. Really, the song isn't even fit for radio, because the vocal delivery is almost comatose.

The Blueskies are another bunch of semi-committed plodders who turn up to the studio, plug in their instruments, and bore their audience to sleep. 'Royal blood' rounds the release off, and what a joyless experience this one is. Jesus, guys. You're only going to get one shot at this, at least try…

Release Date: Out Now