James Yorkston - Woozy With Cider

Louise Evans 19/03/2007

Rating: 3/5

Whilst James Yorkston's previous albums have had a quiet understated feel, recent release The Year Of The Leopard is an even more intimate, warm affair. The second single to be taken from the album, 'Woozy With Cider', is a step away from his usual delicate acoustic folk roots.

As a Spoken-word track 'Woozy With Cider' is a strange choice for a single. Yorkston recites a day dreamy monologue about how commercial city life can weigh a person down coupled with doubts that his music will ever make him rich. Yorkston's meanderings, delivered in his soft yet brooding voice, come across as sincere rather than egotistical as spoken-word concept pieces usually turn out. Words, which are set to a gentle but haunting electronic backdrop composed by Reporter, that mirror the disorientated hung-over state in which Yorkston penned his words.

Released on both 7” and double 12” vinyl formats, 'Woozy With Cider' is backed by a total of six remixes and a version of 'Sunday Morning' by Yorkston with The Big Eyes Family Players. Ranging from the slightly altered (such as the King Biscuit Time and Jon Hopkins remixes) to the very different instrumentals (Quiet Village and Kode 9 remixes), Yorkston certainly has all bases covered.

This makes for an interesting single but not really much else. It isn't one for repeated plays nor does it act as a lure for the album; maybe one for true fans only.