Adventure - Adventure

Alex Skinner 25/08/2008

Rating: 4/5

Mission Outline: See if the music takes you to ELECTRO WONDERLAND! In the thralls of an 8-bit Sega Mega drive video game catalogue, 24 year old Benny Boeldt has the capabilities to turn indie clubs into dance parties. Using accelerated electro-pop compositions, the North Carolina native has epic new sounds in his locker. Lets check that locker out.

Level 1- Find out what it sounds like: All of your childhood computer games concurrently, in one big sound attack that stabs you playfully with a synthesizer. It is more that fuzzy computer game nostalgia, some tracks are capable to get you moving, 'Travel Kid' fits this description.

Level 2- How does it make you feel?: It makes my belly fizz. It gets your blood pumping, heart rate jumping. This pumping and jumping heat attack of an album awakens the senses with memorable ultra-melodic
busy sounds.

Level 3- What scene would this music best suit?: Play these songs individually in a disco-centric way, they work and get your body moving as if you were a puppet on an ADVENTURE string. Play them all in one go straight through whilst in your car, they seem disjointed and stress you right out. It may even anger you to the point of road rage. It is a party album best served in small portions.

Level 4- Find out what the album is like: Melody driven synth tones of Loredo bring you into the madness gently. While the savvy Poison Diamonds carries on the momentum Civilisation starts to sound distinctly similar. Do not fret, Hyper Glow fastens up the pace to pneumatic levels before the rip roaring 'Travel Kid' belts you around the head. Battle Cat follows on with dynamic electro harmonies that take you flying through ADVENTURE shaped clouds on a mission. The album is non stop until Crypt Castle Cult slightly slows up allowing Jurassic Park City to close out with style.

Mission almost complete: It is not just nostalgia driven, the lo-fi sounds and thumping beats provide a great project.