O Fracas - Factfinding/And So A Scratch Runs Down A Wall

Will Metcalfe 12/11/2007

Rating: 2.5/5

O Fracas are a band I've hear much discussed by a few friends and latest offering 'Fact Finding' is jerky, tribal rock which is under the influence of Talking Heads to put it lightly. Sadly the press releases claim to O Fracas holding a balance between Fugazi and Led Zeppelin is largely hyperbolic-instead we are left with disjointed rock whose closest current(ish) contemporaries may well be the rather wonky Dogs Die In Hot Cars albeit with a somewhat more subversive edge. Perhaps the references to Led Zeppelin are drawn from what one could loosely term riffage on 'Factfinding'?

If this is so the PR puppet is either stupid or slightly confused between the sounds of Led Zeppelin and Linkin Park or any other nu-metal mopesters. Double A side 'And So A Scratch…' at least gives you something a little less flaccid to get yer teeth into. Sounding like a retarded dream of the holiday season And 'So A Scratch...' suggests a more melodic but equally
repetitious side to the band; source for the Fugazi comparison perhaps?

At any rate it may well subdue you momentarily though the whole affair has the feel of the arse end of the 90s to it. Like the resurgence of the word awesome amongst the younger generation this record will both make you smile and shake your head in disdain; unless of course a disappointing combination of eras and genres is your thing and as for the B-sides don't let him waste your time.