Doves - Kingdom Of Rust

TC 28/02/2009

Rating: 2/5

Four years is an age in rock n roll these days and that's how long it is since Doves last appeared on the scene with “Some Cities”. Top that with the fact that it was probably their poorest album to date and, whilst you can comprehend the delay, goods now need to be delivered!

So album number four “Kingdom Of Rust” is on the horizon, but does anybody really care any more? They've never been a title chasing band in the indie league and one could say they were merely caught up in the mass wave sweeping across Manchester over a decade ago, when they first came to prominence. Previous singles “The Cedar Room”, “Here It Comes” and “There Goes The Fear” were all extremely good and stand the test of time for sure, but their surrounding output has not always been so solid.

This then is the first single and title track from the new album and…….well, it's ok. They don't really have a trademark sound as such, but this is much of a muchness from them; a gentle rumbling start into a rousing middle eight through to the fade without really noticing it came and went. The problem being it could be any of a whole crop of bands trying and failing to make the cut. I expected more from them.

I have had a brief foretaste of a couple of other tracks from the new album and they do sound better than this, prompting me to wonder if this really was a wise choice as opening single. Despite the disappointment of the hors d oeuvre, I maintain a healthy appetite for the main course and remain hopeful that they could yet play a lead role in the much needed nu-Manchester surge (or are The Courteeners already doing that?!).

Release Date: 30/03/09