Bonde Do Role - Office Boy

Tim Miller 04/06/2007

Rating: 1.5/5

Two guys and a girl from Rio de Janeiro, who like partying, fun, and a certain genre of music called Baile Funk (“Brazilian, party funk” according to a snippet of the 4 (FOUR!) page-long accompanying biography). Undeniably off the back of the unprecedented success of fellow Brazilians CSS, BDR bring their own South American flavour across to the UK for your listening pleasure.

Preceding their debut album released June 4th, second single Office Boy sees sparse Latin-American percussion and tinny drums undercut rather weightless, scratchy guitar chords and indecipherable lyrics - they are, after all, in Portuguese slang - building to a chorus of whooping and scat vocals. It's over in two and a half minutes, and forgettable twice as quickly.

Eliciting fragments of a bandwagon that their friends headed up and adding inane party sounds over the top isn't enough to survive in this cut-throat, next-big-thing state of the music industry. Hell, didn't they know new-rave is dead already? Bonde Do Role are going to have to make some real music that packs a punch, rather than just make love and listen to Cansei De Ser Sexy.

released May 21st, 2007