Buick McKane - Sitting In The Rain In My Car

TC 30/04/2009

Rating: 2.5/5

The current trend of two-piece bands could well be attributable to the economic crisis within the music industry and here we have yet another - a couple of guys from Northampton adopting the moniker of a T.Rex song. Not only that, the crazy things have christened themselves The Rabbit and The Box (Sean & Mark to their parents) and profess the desire 'to produce great music and to share it with their fans', well God bless 'em for that eh?!

This then is their first single, only available on digital download (another sign of the times) and it's a punchy inoffensive little number, sounding rather like The Rakes (but not as good) and The Kaiser Chiefs (but better…obviously!). It's a jolly enough little number that testifies over and again to “get to the bottom, you go back to the start”. Unfortunately, that's exactly what you need to do, as it flits by without really leaving an impression. It is a likeable enough jaunt though which sounds like they're having fun and there's nowt wrong with that.

It's backed with 'Quentin Device' which is actually better musically, albeit equally as trite lyrically. Both tracks exude bundles of friendly energetic power pop and apparently they're creating a back yard stir on the gig circuit having supported a few notables, including Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. The live arena is always a better mediator for such music of course and I imagine they are worthy of a viewing.

There certainly isn't enough here to suggest the potential for an album just yet, but it remains refreshing to listen to something you don't need to take too seriously. Their goal of producing great music may be a distant vision for now, but no doubt their fans will remain patient and supportive and, if they keep treading the boards, they may yet become the best band to emerge from Northampton since Bauhaus!

Release date: 27/04/09