The A Train - Black and White Memories

Richard Wink 09/09/0007

Rating: 3/5

I've heard quite a number of English bands putting out old fashioned, borderline retro, simple pop already in the first half of 2009. As we head further into summer the lackadaisical lazing on a sunny afternoon sunny strums are as omnipresent as the pollen that agitates hayfever sufferers. Whilst girl pop queens are looking to sirens from the eighties, the boys are raiding Granddad's old vinyl, feasting on The Kinks and The Small Faces.

'Black and White Memories' is a shimmering shade of pop that is very much sixties influenced, although it also recalls the deceptive simplicity of The Thrills, you also get the impression that The 'A' Train are a band that have watched feel-good schmaltz fest That Thing You Do one two many times.

The remaining tracks on the single are a relatively stripped back, two are wistful, reflective efforts full of longing 'Where it Counts' and 'Place of No One'. 'Chimes of Midnight' which recalls an off colour Carl Barat, is downbeat and directionless. All three of these songs somewhat takes the gloss off 'Black and White Memories'. They seem to lack substance, both lyrically and in terms of melody. They are nice and inoffensive, but in the current musical mutant shark tank bands like The 'A' Train need to show some teeth.