Gliss - Beauty

Miss Fliss 20/01/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

Gliss are an LA-based shimmying indie pop band I tipped on here last year. Like The Raveonettes, they have Danish heritage, and there's a similar fuzz pedal/C86/indie pop sound between both bands. Debut single Morning Light showed pretty promise for their album Devotion Implosion. Beauty is a surprising slowie. It's sad and tentative to Morning Light's enthused, frantic fuzz. There's a gravelly quality to Victoria Cecilia's voice here which recalls 90s female Kurt Cobain wannabe Annette Mook of the band Cay. You could use this voice to smooth down a plank of wood! But Beauty is a tender song, with a gentle but nagging keyboard refrain that conveys human melancholy to perfection. A wisp of a song, it tiptoes past, and in a moment is gone, leaving its resonance and bittersweet beauty and inspiring a yearning for more.