The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Tabasco Sole

Darren Walker 30/06/2009

Rating: 4/5

People of the internet, I'd like you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine happening upon a bootleg recording of a seemingly impossible collaboration between The Boy Least Likely To, Beck and The Jackson Five. Humour, innocence, effortless cool and impossible to dislike melodies are all present and wait; are your ears deceiving you? Is that Damon Gough?

This is EXACTLY what Tabasco Sole, the latest single by one-man-band Rob Jones aka The Voluntary Butler Scheme sounds like. The infectious guitar line, lovingly borrowed (see: stolen) almost directly from the quintet's 'I Want You Back,' it has been lodged in my brain for the last hour and every time I think of the line 'If you ever start to feel square / wear a De La Soul tshirt once in a while to make you feel more hip hop than you are' I give in to 'one more cookie syndrome', press play and enjoy those delectable three minutes once more.

Release date: 06/07/2009