Tiger Please - They Don't Change Under Moonlight

Huw Evans 23/10/2009

Rating: 4/5

With an intro from the school of Angels and Airwaves, you get a taste of things to come on this sparkling début from the young Tiger Please. This is a brilliantly melodic and upbeat album from the young Cardiff five - piece.

The first track 'Strawberry Moon' provides a great footing for the album, with some great rhythms and although a little forced its elevated by a well placed guitar solo. Vocalist Leon has a soaring voice that sometimes has the roaring power of a Bruce Springstein then the subtlety and the vulnerability of Bright Eyes' Connor Oberst. This contrast is highlighted with the track 'There's No Hero In Heroin', it also highlights the intricate guitar parts from guitarists Luc and Tyla . Chiming guitar effects and great sounding arpeggio's give the song an epic feel along with backing vocals from both guitarists. 'Without Country' is another melodic song with upbeat driving rhythms and slick guitar parts. The song also features guest vocals from Neil Star of Attack! Attack! and with a tour supporting Kids In Glass Houses this November these young guys are already keeping good company. The album closes with two epic songs, 'This Side Of This Town' and 'Lights And Sounds'. Then there's the intro to 'This Side Of This Town', resembling 'Angels and Airwaves' again, melodic and driving to create a euphoric feel to the album. A huge thunderous chorus hits you like a ton of bricks with this song and you will be fighting hard not to hit the repeat button on your stereo.

The album closer 'Lights And Sounds' rounds off a mighty début for 'Tiger Please'. A brilliant little riff to start the song, coupled with some soft strings and the lyric 'so sick of the sad songs on the radio' probably sums up 'Tiger Please' quite well. A guitar solo that is perfectly placed coupled with some heartbeat rhythms finishes the album. I have to admit to playing this album on almost constant repeat because it is so infectious and although there are some guitar parts and vocals which sound a little bit forced in places I see a bright future for these guys. They Don't Change Under Moonlight is out on November the 2nd and if you want something to cheer you up I highly recommend you go and buy it.

Release date: 02/11/09