The Sailplanes - GIITTV singles club releases “A Knife, A Camera and a Bang” by The Sailplanes as a free download single, get it now!

Bill Cummings 08/11/2007

GIITTV singles club releases “A Knife, A Camera and a Bang” by The Sailplanes as a free download single.

Out now, the GIITTV zine singles club (“the cult record label” Artrocker) releases “A Knife A Camera and a Bang” taken from The Sailplanes debut album, as free download. The menacing rhythms and contorted arrangements of Tim Webster led bside “Strangers” also comes as a free download:



Plus those that sign up as GIITTV members here will also receive the much talked about track “Photograph the Past” as a free download bonus.

The Sailplanes are Stacey Hine and Tim Webster, two guitarists who share vocals. They formed in London two years ago with no pre-conceived notion as to where the band would go, just a mutual appreciation of noisy experimental music. They were later joined by Yola Rodowicz (percussion). Since then they've released four records of challenging, sharp, arty, experimental, noisy music to the acclaim of the UK underground. In June of this year they released their debut album: 'a second, or ten years later' on their own Redheaded Stepchild imprint.
Clocking in at 18 minutes, consisting of eight taught tracks, the record garnered words of praise from everyone that heard it, including Drowned In Sound: “That very debut is The Sailplanes' noisy, discordant, and succinct raison d'etre. In short - it's awesome.” and iShotthedeputy: “aggressively and wonderfully different… Some songs have the sort of edgy and crazed distortion and noise ... others are simply sublime little pop gems and sometimes they're both." Robots In Electronic Brains hailed it as “genuinely arresting. Pristine but intricate: a difficult balance, yet here it is, fuzzy/lucid, baroque/austere, harsh/pretty. They blast out non-conventional chords and guitar figures less like riffs than flowing thoughts….”

After playing the London circuit non-stop for a couple of years the band decided a change of scenery was needed, hence the move to Berlin. The band is now working with drummer Daniel Kexel in Germany and are planning shows in Berlin and maybe the UK near the end of the year.

Icy cold, sharp as a knife and infinitely more devastating, “A Knife, A Camera, A Bang” harnesses the military rhythmic precision of Can and Einsturzende Neubaten, and the experimental noise and melodics of Velvet Underground and Electrelane. This is art rock for people who know what that actually means: Stacey's menacing narrative is underpinned by rhythmic, twisting time signatures and Tim's melodic shards of jagged guitars and tripping, relentless drums. It's the sound of a tense standoff in the underbelly of New York's claustrophobic city streets, teeming with unspoken brutality, yet somehow uniquely British at the same time. Three minutes of your life you won't forget in a hurry.