James Endeacott - Gin In Teacups: Where The Truth Begins

Alisha Ahmed & Federica Frezza 24/01/2011


Hi there world!
We had a look at our bar and noticed how the Tanqueray is nearly to the end of the bottle. So while we stock up, we though you might like to try a new brand of Gin.
Gin In Teacups: Where The Truth Begins is the first of our spin-offs and the difference from our usual sessions+Q&A is that the kidnapped subject are not musicians, but the amazing people working in the music industry behind the curtain!
Genuine passion and excitement are sadly a rare thing to be found even in such an amazing environment these days, so we try to go find the rare precious people who still give us hope and get them to remind us how great being part of the process to create a dream can be!
And what dreams did Mr Endeacott contributed to. We had the very undeserved (but equally appreciated) honour to talk with James “Golden God” Endeacott for the launch of this new series, having him talking about Rough Trade, The Strokes, The Libertines, The View, 1965 and basically all his magical life as it's been entwined to music since his early teens.
By the end of if we could not restrain the fangirls usually very well hidden inside of ourselves, so we had to go and ask about his infamous quote on The Libertines “I've just seen The Beatles in Hamburg in 1962″.
Yep, that really happened!
Now we dare you listening to him and his signature excitement about music, and resisting the temptation to work in the music industry too to change people's life!

Part 01

Part 02