Electric Soft Parade - Misunderstanding

Holly Barnes 22/07/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

My love for The Electric Soft Parade has been long and unswerving through their triumphs and difficulties. From moderate major label success several years ago to a slump induced not by falling creativity, but by management apathy, now the band are getting some attention again. Misunderstanding is unashamedly catchy, a hit summer single without doubt, not least because it bears a passing resemblance to The Boo Radleys' classic Wake Up Boo. It's less a case of aping a much-loved track and more about a similar guitar sound and same spirit. And unless 'spirit' is copyrighted, they'll be OK. Taken from The Electric Soft Parade's excellent recent album No Need To Be Downhearted, the single is backed by two covers. Their rendition of "Across the Universe" by The Beatles is simply amazing, with a perfectly tender vocal performance from younger brother Tom White, while Blue It Is completes the release, a sadly beautiful ballad by Billy Mackenzie of The Associates and "William, It Was Really Nothing" fame. This time around, they're doing things their own way- this can only be a good thing.

Watch the video here.

Released: 23/07/06