The Rasmus - Sail Away

Russ Essom 14/07/2005

Rating: 2/5

The Rasmus, it seems, have calmed down significantly since the release of the iconic, “In the Shadows”, which every punk pretended to hate, but hid away somewhere on their iPod, every Dad in the world tried to pass off as 'boring' and every girl worldwide only liked because apparently, Finland can produce some rather attractive men. Ahem.

The fact of the matter is, though, we all liked it at first, then it was uncool, so we didn't like it anymore.

This leaves The Rasmus in the proverbial with there next single, “Sail Away”, to be honest. It is a good song, it's slower than 'In the Shadows', but there are frequent tinges of high energy vocals to remind us of the early glory they had. However, I have to be honest, even I, and I consider myself a liberal, and honest man, would continue my dislike for Rasmus after hearing this one.

Please don't misconceive. The song is good, borderline great, in fact, but it can't match up the epic response that 'In the Shadows' received, and that is a huge shame.

The tune itself is melodic, easy to listen to, and well put together, the lyrics entice you to listen again, the guitar fits neatly into a mass of other well delivered sounds and the bass and drum combo, like in the previous single are matched to perfection.

“So what's it missing?” I hear you cry in the highest of pitches. It's missing the energy we associate with The Rasmus, and it's frustrating that you can hear it on the record, hiding away, scraping at the door like a pent-up kitten on a new carpet, but it hasn't been let out.

Still, nothing wrong with sitting down for a beer to this one after dancing your feet off to… that other Rasmus song… what was it called again ?