Pocket Promise - talkovertalking

Owain Paciuszko 30/07/2009

Rating: 4/5

Second single from Northern Irish band Pocket Promise after their fantastic debut I Burnt the Roller Disco sees them flexing different indie muscles. Their first single was a fast paced, incessantly catchy affair, whereas lead track of this double A-side talkovertalking is a more relaxed, but nonetheless brilliant, track. It's laidback sound reminiscent of early Soulwax, its influences appear to be big loud indie rock with mellow vocals, and here they juxtapose those two elements excellently. The music itself is head-noddingly infectious and the vocals play off of it perfectly, cool and quiet against the spiky, guitar-lead riffage.

If Not, The Tide Will Change is a lengthy track that builds up like the early days of Snow Patrol, lead-singer Cormac Fee's vocals particularly impress, and it shows off a good sense for ethereal and emotive instrumentation to augment their sound. Building up to a gorgeous finale and leaving the listener eager for more.

With a debut album just around the corner these singles act as an indication of a great record looming, a perfect piece of well-crafted indie-pop with tracks fit for drunken revelry, emotive sing-a-longs and euphoric lighter waving.