Baddies - Do The Job

TC 25/10/2009

Rating: 3/5

Debut album from four-piece band Baddies, who follow the trail out of Southend left by The Horrors. They classify themselves as 'alt-post-punk-pop' (sub-post-pigeon-holing gone mad me thinks). They do create something of an infectious sound, although one gets the impression they don't want to be taken too seriously and that's fine by me! There's a punchiness to most of the material along with some catchy tunes, whilst the bass line comes on a little heavier; which works well and gives the songs a firmer drive. Songs like Pisces and I Am Not A Machine pack a harder punch and work best for me, whilst the pure frenzy on songs like Tiffany…I'm Sorry and Battleships abounds with energetic enthusiasm. Front man Michael Webster arrived via metal band Engerica so his influence, along with Danny Rowton's bass, keep the music from entering total frivolity.

Like a great deal of new bands, there's a definite eighties vibe to most of the material, harking back to those that brought punk into a more commercial realm back then, like The Skids or Tenpole Tudor. The banter, bounce and pure catchiness of the whole set created allegiance with Adam & The Ants for me, particularly on the more commercial numbers like Who Are You? and single Open One Eye. If Black Lips and Obits are playing punk from the garage, then these guys are firmly nestled in the conservatory with a crate of beer and some party poppers!

The band has extensively toured Europe this year, including a large number of festivals. This kind of music always comes across better on stage and I'm led to believe that Baddies kick serious arse in that respect. The gigs will have created a good level of interest, which will, no doubt, spread into a curiosity for their recorded material. Whether that curiosity will be sufficient to grant Baddies a share of the limelight I'm not so sure, but for now at least they're an interesting listen.