OK Go - Oh No

Natasha Footman 27/02/2006

Rating: 3/5

The power-pop quartets self titled debut album in 2003 was certainly a good kick in the five star direction but the fairly mediocre follow up struggles to be anywhere near it's predecessors quality. Don't get me wrong - it's a pretty good try. If I hadn't been expecting so much from the likeable US four-piece then maybe I wouldn't have thought so little of the album. However, like most Ok Go listeners, I had anticipated something similarly striking and was more than a little disappointed.

The songs still have their quirky, skewed rhythms, standout tracks the undeniably cool 'Here it Goes Again' and that infamous 'Million Ways' nudged along by that infamous video. However, that's about it. Oh No is still an enjoyable collection of off-kilter pop, but no tracks are as glitteringly outstanding hits as the ones found in the previous album and this is a real shame.

People who've never experienced the thing that is Ok Go will definitely find something excitably different in this album, the bands music generously compared to The Pixies and Weezer. For all long time Ok Go fans, though, Oh No is of course worth a look, but be careful not to expect too much. Maybe the quartet will amaze us with their next album, thats assuming there will be one, but please let it be something much more special.