Jarvis Cocker - Fat Children Video.

Bill Cummings 20/06/2007

Jarvis Cocker returns with his new single "Fat Children" taken from his debut solo album "Jarvis." As the front man for one of the nineties best British bands Pulp, he reassembled what it meant to be a front man. His performances were legendary whilst his northern inspired lyrics were wry, incisive and searingly observational. Watch the new video for perhaps the punkiest song he's ever produced here.

Fat Children (Live at KOKO - Video)

Press info: "'Fat Children' is burning, rollicking, joyriding vehicle for Jarvis deadpan vision of a Britain whose streets are stalked by "maggots without the sense to become flies". With its anthemic and memorable "Aaah-Aaaaah" later sections, it manages the uneasy balancing act of being exhilarating and slightly depressing at the same time.

Out on the 18th of July on both 12" and 7" only and with another Jarv' special podcast in the pipeline, 'Fat Children' comes complete with new track 'Loss Adjuster' and an extended mix of the original song."