Tellison, Tubelord - Wasp's Nest/ Night Of The Pencils- Split EP

Alex Skinner 01/11/2008

Both Tellison and Tubelord join together, obtusely splitting an E.P and make a go for it, all with extensive touring.

Tellison is the musical equivalent of The Wombats tickling the feet of Scouting For Girls with a novelty feather. It breaches no new ground with its riddled shout-angst, rendering their sound punk filled teen pop. Saying this, there is a market niche for this Fall Out Boy thrashing teen angst, so go get em' lads.


Tubelord let fly with 'Night Of The Pencils' that wanders down humble musical movements to gouge the eyes of acceptable music. A slow, endearing song that transforms into a punk-styled build up. It then moves along with dance sensibilities, throwing down jaunty guitars and banging drums culminating into a punk riled, melodically worthy finish.