Daughtry - Home

Bruce Turnbull 06/12/2007

Rating: 2/5

Oh dear. It looks like he's the first, but finally one of the runners up in American Idol seems to making waves on the international rock front, and I for one, can't see why. His debut album apparently slammed into the UK charts at number 13, and his success seems to be building by the hour. Well, where? I've never even ran across the name. All the rock mags are all over this guy, and I wish Chris Daughtry all the best in his endeavours. But if he is going to succeed, he'll need bigger weapons in his arsenal.

The second single to be taken from his debut, 'Home' has been nominated for the MTV Monster song of the year, and actually reached number one in the Billboard charts, as did its predecessor 'It's Not Over'. And it's not bad. Not great, but at least it recalls the classic rock stylings of old, whilst injecting the melodies with a hefty dosage of Nickleback and modern Bon Jovi. The chorus is rather anthemic, and the performance of Daughtry himself is above average, but like all reality stars of this nature, his success will dwindle, and at least his ephemeral celebrity status will not be in vain.

'Home' is an ironic sentiment, however, because Daughtry seems to know this already, and from the sound of the lyrics - if he indeed wrote them - he's got his bags packed and his tickets booked.