Mcfly - One for the Radio

Alex Skinner 10/08/2008

Rating: 1.5/5

Those cheeky little McFly scamps have been forced to make a radio friendly song. They've been sent out this time with the song 'One for the Radio' being told make it a hit otherwise they will get spanked and put straight to bed without supper. Actually, with the launch of their own label Super Records, they are the ones doing all the spanking.

Just how long will the boys pretend to be hip and young? Who cares when their pillows are propped up by cash and love letters from teenage girls (or boys).

McFly should get whilst the going is still good as no-one wants to see 42 year olds singing light hearted pop tunes to youngsters uttering the lyrics “Because we all look the same in the dark” ? Oh, you do! 'Do Ya' (acoustic) follows with a love riddled, love track that asks do you love me? We will get back to you on that one lads.

More of the same on the way with a new album 'Radio: ACTIVE', sigh.

'One for the Radio' released 14/07/08