King Biscuit Time - C I AM 15


Rating: 2/5

After the regrettable implosion of the mostly wonderful Beta Band, Beta frontman Steve Mason emerges from the ashes of his former band with a solo single. Its languid, almost Ian Brown-esuqe hip hop psychedelic grooves are strangely beguiling but it lacks something crucial: any diversity or bite, save for the anti Bush and Blair rap from guest Top Cat. A little disappointing really, the song really fails to make an impression on me personally.

The b-side “People” offers more hope that King Biscuit Time will be more than just a one trip hop pony, the inventive Beta Band-esque melodies (“I try to be alone on a Saturday/But I just couldn't help myself”) build above plonking synths, and a beautiful bed of pianos and guitars, sublime.