Cats and Cats and Cats - Oh Boy!

Chris Tapley 20/10/2009

Rating: 5/5

It seems like forever now that Cats and Cats and Cats have been one of the most promising bands on the UK circuit. Their several EP's, mini albums and splits have consistently established them as one of the nations must unique and enjoyable acts. So here arrives the AA first single from their long overdue debut album If I'd Had An Atlas, scheduled for release in early 2010.

A Boy Called Haunts bursts in to life with lush sweeping orchestration, the kind of arrangements that begs the questions as to why they aren't already much better known. When paired with the delightfully upbeat lyrics such as “Dance through a different night, oh how you laughed at nothing” this feels like the musical personification of youthful exuberance, like a more ragged and distinctively British equivalent to the majesty of Beirut. This track discards much of the band's more drawn out mathy post rock tendencies and instead condenses their influences in to a smaller spaces and layering them atop each other. The results are pretty incredible, and a more focused approach would probably serve them well over the course of a long player.

The second track The Boy With The Beak is where Cats demonstrate what truly sets them apart though; a track that fizzes with energy whilst still managing to provide moments of aching beauty. The latter parts of the track are particularly lovely, the muted orchestration and chanting recalls Cursive at their most immersive, and the poor audibility of these elements only serve to make them all the more beautiful. As it drives towards a climax it's impossible not to get swept up in the waves of euphoria, strings intersecting with propulsive drums and spurts of brass. It dies out all too suddenly, but this is an enticing reminder as to why the album will probably be one of the most exciting to emerge in 2010.

Release date: 19/10/09