Roots Manuva, The Cinematic Orchestra, Coldcut, Bonobo, Kid Koala - Ninja Tune XX

Mark Salmon 07/10/2010

Rating: 4/5

Where to start on this epic release from Ninja Tune? Lets start by explaining exactly what it is, 'Ninja Tune XX' is a compilation of two decades worth of break beat music from the Ninja Tune label featuring songs and remixes from the likes of: Roots Manuva, The Cinematic Orchestra, Coldcut, Bonobo, Kid Koala and Mr Scruff to name but a few.

In fact there's so much content (over 106 tracks at the count) that to comment on any tracks in particular would be an in justice to wealth of remaining tracks. For any Ninja Tune aficionado each CD's offers a plethora of remixes, unreleased, exclusive and new work from well over thirty artists, One can't even begin to think how long transferring these cd's to iTunes will take, never mind how much space.

The box set is an impressive six CD's, with two of the CD's containing music which is only available in the box set, six 7” vinyl singles plus as if that wasn't enough two further 12” vinyl's will be mailed out to the purchaser at a later date, both
12” vinyl's are unavailable to buy anywhere other than with this box set. All the above, minus the 12”, are housed in a stunning specially designed slip case box created by Openmind and come with two posters and hardback book. Oh and the box set is limited to 3500.

This is an absolute must have for Ninja Tune and break beat fans alike, you'll find remixes and new tracks from your favorite artists on the label and a mass of information and exclusive bits and bobs that will keep you up for hours. Until
you actually see one in the flesh or even photos it's hard to comprehend what this release actually is…. it's a piece of break beat record label artwork.

Go order one right now as they're sure to sell out soon and be the envy of everyone as they stare at this massive collection of great music sitting on your shelf. Be sure to also check out all the events to celebrate the release going on throughout September, October and in to November, more info on the Ninja Tune website.