Vessels, Stray Borders, Joy Of Sex - GIITTV IS TEN FEET TALL@TEN FEET TALL-28/05/08.

Bill Cummings 12/05/2008

www.godisinthetvzine.co.uk and local promoters www.myspace.com/onlyalternative team up to present:
,JOY OF SEX@TEN FEET TALL, 11a-12 Church Street Cardiff CF10 1BG -28/05/08.
Entry : 4
Doors: 7.30pm

The world famous Twisted by design indie disco in the basement.


Vessels are an experimental rock band (Martin Teff, Tim Mitchell, Tom Evans, Lee J. Malcolm, Peter Wright) from Leeds, who formed in 2005, and have since played at the Leeds and Latitude festivals, released two singles and recorded a full length album due for release in the spring through Cuckundoo records. They manage to show that you CAN have a variety of songs and still maintain your own identity as a band, and you CAN have post-rock with vocals, and you CAN be mellow and ambient one moment, and rocking out with planet sized riffs the next. With a string of dates lined up across the UK, catch them now before things explode and they vanish off around the world to show that the UK still has some life left in it yet.

''Dynamic post rock which stalks around your room before launching itself through a window.''
Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 1


In support are Stray Borders. The Cardiff based four awoke in 2006 as Stray Borders and over the last six months have; appeared on Cardiff Compliation "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The 22 Of Us", been voted demo of the week by Organ magazine, enjoyed air play on BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Wales, and other radio stations. They create beautiful, slow burning, epic, sounscapes. The borders "recall the best elements of Godspeed, The Pixies, Sonic Youth Slint and the Liars whilst maintaining an individual and intelligent sound."

Purveyors of slow-burning, mathematically precise alt-rock experiments that strongly recall the shrill distortion barrages of Sonic Youth...and we await further news from their dark camp with bated breath." BBC EXPOSURE


Opening the show are new Cardiff three piece Joy Of Sex, their taught, angular songs are influenced by Wire, PiL and the Swans. They agree on several things. Short songs, rhythm, repetition, noise, form meeting function, newness not novelty, equality, clang, scrape and bang. That is the Joy of Sex.