The Marquis Of Queensbury Rules - My Plan Was Better

Liam McGrady 04/08/2006

Rating: 2/5

Sounding overall like letting The Fall loose in a church; with one of those big sod off organs with the pipes that go through the roof, this demo from the peculiar The Marquis Of Queensbury Rules is both a bad idea and strangely captivating at the same time. Spoken word rants of “my plans are better, my plans are better” and the wedding precession style 'Come To The Subway' may be created by off the wall oddballs, but at least they have the smallest discernable tune to carry the, well, songs; if you can call them that. The other tracks on this demo, 'Here Comes The Magician' and 'On The Postlingberg Train' however - and sorry to be blunt - are an un-listenable 1min50 of distorted bollocks and a dreary dirge respectively.

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