Calories, William - Mortal Boys/Dilettante

TC 06/03/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

A couple of bands that posted debut albums last year and join forces here on another Tough Love collaboration out now as a 7" release, featuring two songs by each band. Birmingham trio Calories' mini album debut last year caught the ear of a few pundits and they aim to follow it up with Habitations very soon. Their sound is rooted in the punk arena, but with a poppier edge that they unashamedly point towards emo. With throaty vocals and instrumental drive they come on here like The Skids, although there's more of a frenzy to back-up track 'Drink The Potion', suggesting that the album could be an interesting listen.

William are also a three-piece but hark from South London and have a distinct angst to their sound. With Gavin Housley's adolescent squealing it is easy to draw comparison with Placebo. Like Calories, they have an anxious drive to their sound, with distinct punk leanings and they released both a full and mini album last year, which should be worth tracking down.

A tidy little release then only being pressed in 500 copies and merits tracking down.