Codes in The Clouds - Distant Street Lights/Fracture

Matt Harrold 30/07/2007

Rating: 4/5

There's obviously something very different with the Kent weather system, after all cloud watching is a perfectly acceptable past time in which to kill a few hours over a British summer. It's not like we're exactly short of them this year is it? But to start assuming that they might be passing on secret messages in their fluffy forms, well that might be stretching it a little bit too far. Unless of course your purveyors of post rock calling yourself Codes in The Clouds, at which point it might make a little more sense.

Like Explosions in the Sky through being pulled through hazy, wisp like dreams of chimes and military drum beats, 'Distant Street Lights' starts out a deceptively quite beast before crashing into a squall of blood soaked guitar. Though they may not be pushing post rock into any new and exciting boundaries, Codes in The Clouds do offer up a good ear for melody mixed with a raw feel that gives them charm and energy with aplomb. Still, it remains to be seen if they can build upon this promising d├ębut - but here's to hoping that there's no blue skies in sight.