Ambulance Ltd. - Primitive (The Way I Treat You)

Tim Miller 30/05/2005

Rating: 4/5

Ambulance Ltd. come to the fore with lavish praise ringing in their ears. Apparently the new favourites of Brandon Flowers and his band's evil spawn The Bravery, Ambulance Ltd will further add to their growing fan base when they support REM later this year - specifically requested support, no less.

Sadly, there's not much on which to judge the high praise. This CD single (out June 13th) doesn't even contain a B-Side. What is here is rather interesting. A dirty, bluesy, guitar hook which repeats through the song to a relaxing groove and a smooth, confident vocal, this track is undoubtedly the perfect American summer in the city soundtrack. That this band was headhunted to supply music for hit TV show The O.C probably tells you more about the song than anything else - imagine the end of a fight scene between two ruggedly gorgeous teen hunks, as the look at each other with split lips and bleeding noses. It is at that moment where Ambulance Ltd come in. Big things could soon be round the corner.