Funeral For A Friend - Waterfront Dance Club

Neil Watts 30/06/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

The release of Funeral For A Friend's last album was surrounded the rumblings of discontent and accusations that it wasn't anywhere near enough like Hours. Well, their first single on their own label marks something of a return to that crowd-pleasing era.

By reverting back to an older sound they are adhering to what is fast becoming the norm for bands that choose to go it alone after years of major label backing. From the first listen it sounds like a band that is happy to have found a little more freedom again. The result is that Waterfront... packs more of an instant punch than the more melodic and slow burning Tales Don't Tell Themselves, which will no doubt please the doubters.

For all the cosmetic changes to their sound they still have an odd, almost cheesy hair metal edge that gives the impression that they were recorded in a convertible car whilst racing up and down Sunset Strip. Whether this is a commonly held opinion is another matter entirely, but it certainly isn't a bad thing at all.