Bill Cummings 15/02/2008

Elbow's Guy Garvey has sent us a few words on the tracks that make up the band's new album The Seldom Seen Kid.

Over to Mr Garvey for his(sometimes brief) words on each track.

“We hope we have made a record that is as exhilarating, dramatic and personal to listen to as it was to make. It's a tribute to a great man lost. It's a welcome to some amazing new little people. It's love, loss, birth, death, dads, lads and a celebration of friendship by 5 very old friends (17 years now!). It's all in there and it's definitely the best we could do.

Thanks for listening to it.

Guy on behalf of the elboys x”

'The Seldom Seen Kid' - track by track


"you are the only thing in any room you're ever in."

The Bones Of You.

"It's amazing what you can make yourself into to avoid truths and its amazing how transparent it usually is."


"dawn gives me a shadow i know to be taller. all down to you. everything has changed." My favourite piano Craig has ever done.

Grounds For Divorce.

"I found the opening lyric to this one on my tongue very often before I realized why. The hole in my neighbourhood is an underground bar. Mark has had the guitar riff kicking about in the wings for at least 10 years."

An Audience With The Pope.

"A Bond theme if Bond was from Bury and a recovering Catholic."

Weather To Fly.

"The opening questions are genuine ones for you to answer.

The rest of the song is to the band."

The Loneliness Of A Towercrane Driver.

"It's tough at the top."

The Fix.

"We fuckin' love Hawley. (Richard Hawley provides guest vocals on the song)"

Some Riot.

One Day Like This.

The word chamois is a tricky little bugger eh?!

Friend Of Ours.

Grounds For Divorce, Elbow's first single since 2005 is coming out on 10th March. It's available for one week only on numbered CD & 2 x 7" - all with exclusive new tracks.

The Seldom Seen Kid is released 17th March.