Semifinalists - 2

Alex Skinner 00/00/0000

Rating: 2.5/5

The make or break second album from the psychedelic Londoners Semifinalists who drop the latest work with the unimaginatively title '2'. The album squawks style through means of caring illustrations and animations delivering a electro package when visiting their dream-like myspace site (myspace/semifinalists).

Does it deliver, walk the walk or talk the talk? It dances the dance of fisco (funk and 80's disco) like an exuberant peacock erecting it's musical feathers when 'Our Body' instantly lashes out. Then seemingly throws you back into an 80's clich├ęd minefield just when you think the Semifinalist have found their feet. 'Odd Situation' is an explosive little number that is synthed up to the max. From this point onwards '2' starts to turn a little love soundtrack when 'The Stairs' kicks. Not bad if you are crying into your teddy bear because your girlfriend/boyfriend has just left you last week via text message.

Anyhow 'Ice Bowling' set off like a break up album with an ambient culmination of intimate lyrics you would see in a pre pubescent love letter. Love and love lost seems to be the theme when 'Makeout Club' slithers on the scene continuing the 80's soundtrack flavours. Then your left with a great track in 'Our Return' with a catchy beat and melody that seemingly signs '2' off on a high note.

No new boundaries are pushed with parts sounding dated in the new musical climate. These electro renegade banshee's make music with detail although, unfortunately the mustard fails to be cut.