Melody Gardot - Baby I'm A Fool

Craig Broad 20/05/2009

Rating: 3/5

Melody Gardot has made a career creating music that she used to help her recover after an accident when aged nineteen. The release of 'Worrisome Heart', her debut album in 2006(which was then re-released via Verve Records in 2008) spawned several positive reviews amongst critics with The Sunday Times calling Gardot 'a remarkable talent by any measure'. Melody Gardot's second album 'My One And Only Thrill' released in 2009, continued the success of its predecessor, garnering four star ratings from The Sunday Times and Mojo Magazines amongst others whilst also entering the UK charts at an impressive #40. 'Baby I'm a Fool' is the opening track from Gardot's second album and is a showcase for the talent upon the album but are such plaudits a mere selling point or does Gardot actually have something to offer music fans?

When an artist crops up, inspires widespread critical acclaim and sells millions upon millions of records you can expect a backlash within the record company types. This backlash isn't always a bad one but it is merely the release of several sound alike artists that previously may not have been pushed so hard had a quick buck not stared said record labels in the face. Sadly, Melody Gardot semi-falls into said category with her jazz influences and beautifully warm voice coming across as a Norah Jones type of release and let us be honest, even Norah Jones has seemingly disappeared into obscurity. While (as the plaudits suggest) there is a lot of talent on show that does not disguise the fact that this middle of the road, mainstream female jazz has been done to death and will only really attract the attention of your older aged music fans.

That said, if you are fifty plus, like jazz or the softer side of music and want your ears to be soothed by a singer/songwriter who looks and sounds like an angel, then you can't go wrong with Melody Gardot.