Breaking The Girl - Eleven: Eleven

Liam McGrady 12/08/2006

Rating: 2/5

Lyrics like, “I'll be there for/Hugging and kissing until you want me more”, riffs straight from the T-Rex school of 70's Glam Rock, all wrapped up in a track named after one of Led Zep's more popular cuts ('Heartbreaker') is hardly going to endear Breaking The Girl as a band to today's trendsetting youngsters. You know, the “Retro Rock” thing came and went pretty quickly. Okay so Wolfmother are an anomaly at the moment (and an annoyance if you ask me), but most of us have hidden our Datsuns records in dark cupboards and given up with the idea of looking cool in leather trousers.

And come on boys, no one uses the term “funky cigarettes” (From the song, 'Butterflies & Funky Cigarettes') anymore; it's all about “posh fags” surely? But more seriously, no one particularly wants to hear a young band sounding like a tired, worn out Stooges either. Much better are 'Never See Me Again' and 'Love Me', the former a Wah Wah infused ballad and the latter a punchy 60's style romp (with a damn catchy vocal hookline of “I'll have one now, and I'll save one for later; I'll save one for you”), but overall, not only do this band seem to have taken a step backward in their song writing from their last demo; they also seem to have taken a step into an unadvisable musical time warp.

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