Bromheads Jacket - Leslie Parfitt

Dan Round 17/12/2006

Rating: 4/5

Wrapped up in 1 minute and 32 seconds, Leslie Parlafitt is already the lead contender for the shortest single of 2007. Taken from the middling “Dits from the Commuter Belt” album, this is one of Bromheads Jacket'srawest songs and is a great choice of single in the punk'd-up, indie rock trends of recent months. Demanding several listens so as not to leave the listener chugging behind, Leslie Parlafitt packs a remarkable amount in such a small space of time, with tales of Leslie Parlafitt, a racist small town thug, always up for a ruckus. With just 3 crunching chords in the verse and chorus each, it is everything modern punk should be with ferocious drumming and snarling vocals.

SRI's and Big Bore 4's continues in the witty, social commentary stance with ranting about the “in” boys at school, how they behaved and what happened to them. Funny, danceable, angry and uncut, it makes for a superb B-Side, one which is as good as anything on the second half of the album.

Leslie Parlafitt will unquestionably give Bromheads Jacket's a cracking start to 2007, and the coming year will almost certainly be a bigger year for the band than 2006 has been. With critical applause coming in from every angle, Bromheads Jacket are on course to becoming one of the biggest new British bands around. An intriguing observation into erratic parts of British life set to gloriously understated punk. A scintillating, red-hot release.

(out in January 2007)