Gary Go - Open Arms

Richard Wink 08/06/2009

Rating: 1/5

Pop is vibrant, Pop is everywhere. When you get the Arctic Monkeys covering Girls Aloud songs, the indie music press celebrating pure pop artists like Little Boots and Take That being praised to the hilt as songwriters closer to Lennon and McCartney than Stock, Aitken and Waterman then either the apocalypse is imminent or Pop is currently being taken pretty damn seriously. Pop is credible right now.

So a guy like Gary Go should be flying high with his harmless band of pop-rock (that is 'silent' rock, he's rock in the Phil Collins sense), after people freak a leak over the latest N-Dubz joint something like 'Open Arms' should be a tune to help recharge the batteries, after all critics have called him “a one man Coldplay”. Of course this is a tag he'll never live down; it's like getting called the audio equivalent to Night Nurse.

'Open Arms' could best be described as Daniel Powter (Remember him?) singing a Rod Stewart song with the soaring epic chorus perfect for mid afternoon commercial radio. I can see it doing well, perhaps even getting used in the closing montage for this year's series of Big Brother. Those who actually use their ears to listen to music will consider 'Open Arms' to be a vanilla hurl of overblown guff.