That Fucking Tank - The Awesome Magnet

Christopher Low 24/10/2007

Rating: 4/5

Instrumental popular music band (ha) 'That Fucking Tank' roll back into heavy & dramatic battle with brand new single via the ever so popular these days 'on the bone' label, for a new lashing of rock with 'which I cant quite believe it still has' vocals!

'The Awesome Magnet' is the first release from Tank since the debut album in 2005 and is in no way a departure in sound or prog rock riff remedy for lonely disused ears. The a-side bears all the familiar hallmarks of Tank with gut wrenching guitar production, heart stopping drum thumpery and constant fret board massaging. The vocals belong to a 'Giles Bailey' who you may well remember from shellac-a-like shock rockers 'Kill Yourself' and indie glaswegian bunnies 'Dananananackroyd'. Giles yelps, screams, wails, shouts and almost cries throughout the duration of the track and I find it more than difficult to believe he managed this in one take. The vocals could not be better suited to this track and I hope we get to hear much more similar stuff in future work. The song is well over five minutes long but like all good histrionic rock music this seems more like two.

B-side 'Fascist Because Beautiful' most certainly isn't a Manic's song and may just well borrow a name from them. Here we see a barrage of beefy barre chording from the outtake which then dives into obscure guitars etching away to un-rhythmic abstract drum parts that finally build up to a climax of good old hammer on's which get the all familiar tank groove up and away. Chart success? Fuck off, this is good music.